Mosquito Abatement Scheduled

mosquito photograph from CDC Public Health Image Library
mosquito photograph from CDC Public Health Image Library

Mosquito Abatement is scheduled for the Benicia State Recreation Area this coming Monday, August 1st.


Note that the Recreation Area will need to be closed and cleared during the application, there will be no walking or biking on the trails and roads during the application.

Date: August 1, 2016
Time: begins at 7:00 a.m.

The abatement will be done by helicopter. The application should take no longer than 25 minutes and will be contained to the tidal marsh areas. The helicopter will be loaded off site and will not be landing inside the park. The State Parks District will need to close the public walking areas for the public’s safety during the application. The District will post notification of the closure at public access points starting 7/28 and will be available to address any concerns the public may have. The District staff will be present before and during the application.

The application consists of spreading small pellets in the marsh areas (near the high tide mark) that slowly dissolve as high tides come and go for a 30 day period. In the past they have done this manually with 60 lb bags and multiple trips by multiple persons which wasn’t good for accessing the marsh. This application will be quicker and less impactful to the Marsh and also less hazardous (well not if the helicopter crashes) to the applicators.


*  If you’re interested, the picture of the mosquito comes from the CDC Public Health Image Library.  Here is a link:

*  7/29/2016, the start time for the application has been moved from 6:00 am to 7:00 am so as to delay the early morning disturbance to the neighbors.