• State Capitol Building

    State Capitol Building

  • Benicia State Recreation Area

    Benicia State Recreation Area

  • Fischer Hanlon House

    Fischer Hanlon House

  • Benicia State Recreation Area

    Benicia State Recreation Area

Benicia State Parks

Mission Statement

The Benicia State Parks Association, (BSPA), in partnership with the California State Department of Parks and Recreation and other entities is dedicated to keeping the Benicia State Parks open, accessible, safe and committed to expanding the knowledge and appreciation of the natural environment and cultural heritage of our parks. The BSPA provides resources to maintain regular park visiting hours and to support volunteers to enrich the visitor experience through education, interpretation, preservation and conservation activities at the Benicia Capitol State Historic Park and the Benicia State Recreation Area.

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Volunteer Training, Opportunities and Special Events

September greetings to all you good friends of Benicia parks,  click here to read the September email blast about volunteer training, opportunities and Special Events  Note that the email has the third Capitol Neighbors presentation at 2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 5; it is on Sunday, Oct 5.