Benicia State Parks Update

As we come out of this very wet winter, there is good news for the Benicia State Parks.

Two projects have been in queue for the Benicia Capitol State Historic Park.

  • First is a project to paint the Fischer-Hanlon House.  This is a project that had been scheduled for the fall of 2016 but was delayed.  It is anticipated that the project will begin this Spring.
  • Second is a Historic Structures Report for the Benicia Capitol State Historic Park.  The HSR will establish the guidelines that will enable projects to address the maintenance issues within the BCSHP structures and also to guide the staff on potential expanded uses for the facilities.  With this report, the Benicia State Parks Association will be equipped to foster reinvestment and fundraising for the BCSHP.

**** click on this link to read a letter from the Mayor of the City of Benicia ****

At the Benicia State Recreation Area, there has been progress as well.

  • New staff will assure that the BSRA is kept in maintenance and secure.  There will be a new park host that will reside at the BSRA to keep a close eye on the park.
  • The new paving has proven to be a significant improvement to the trail system.  During the recent heavy rain season, the paved trail system drained very nicely without the accumulation of slippery mud and moss that had plagued some parts of the trail before the repaving.  Riding a bicycle on the road is now not a test of the riders endurance to the shocks and vibrations of the previous paving.
  • The bathroom at the Dillon Point end of the park has now been reopened.  The septic system was repaired and is now functional again.

The Benicia State Parks Association would like to thank the State Parks Staff for all of their hard work and for the successes that have been led by the State Parks Superintendent, Ryen Goering.

There is still much work to be done and we look forward to accomplishing more in the future.