Thank you for Jack London, a message from the BSPA President


The January 31, Jack London Capitol Neighbors Speaker program at the Benicia Capitol State Historic Park was a success and was well received by the attendees.

The success of the program was due to the work and support of the Benicia and Sonoma parks staff, volunteers, the BSPA board and especially, the program creator.

The Speaker Series exists with the support of the City of Benicia, the Benicia Arts and Culture Committee, the CA State Parks Foundation, California State Parks, Scout Troop 20265 and the Benicia Old Town Theater.

In addition, local Benicia artists contributed their works to enrich the program presentations.

All of those mentioned here, as well as those perhaps unintentionally missed have contributed to this educational and interpretive experience at the Benicia Capitol State Historic Park.

With much appreciation,

Carol Berman

BSPA President